Nomura Bank, Known to Be Worth 500 Billion Dollars, is Creating a ‘Bitcoin Fund’

Japan’s largest investment bank, Nomura, has launched a Bitcoin Adoption Fund for institutional investors with its subsidiary Laser Digital Asset Management.

Nomura Bank has officially unveiled its Bitcoin Adoption Fund, a groundbreaking financial vehicle that will enable its corporate clientele to invest directly in Bitcoin. Launched via the bank’s digital subsidiary, the fund marks a significant move in institutional acceptance of digital assets. To ensure the utmost security and compliance for investors, Nomura has enlisted Komainu as its regulated custody partner.

Komainu, a joint venture involving Nomura Bank, CoinShares, and Ledger, recently secured a comprehensive cryptocurrency license from regulatory authorities in Dubai, further reinforcing its credentials as a trusted partner in the digital asset space.

Sebastien Guglietta, head of Laser Digital Asset Management, said Bitcoin is one of the enablers of this long-term transformational change. According to the President, the biggest example of developing technology is Bitcoin and it is very important to catch this trend.

”Bitcoin is one of the enablers of this long-lasting transformational change and long-term exposure to Bitcoin offers a solution to investors to capture this macro trend.”

Sebastian Guglietta.

Nomura Bank has long aimed to be a leader in the digital finance world. The launch of its venture capital arm for digital assets last year and the new Bitcoin Adoption Fund are significant steps toward that goal. These initiatives confirm the bank’s commitment to staying ahead in the evolving digital financial market.

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