Famous Investor Mark Cuban Lost $870,000 in Crypto Scam

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban confirmed that he lost $870,000 as a result of a cryptocurrency scam.

Billionaire businessman and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, confirmed that he fell victim to a cryptocurrency scam and lost approximately $870,000 as a result.

In an interview with DL News on Friday, Mark Cuban disclosed that he suffered a cryptocurrency loss of around $870,000. The incident came to light when approximately $870,000 worth of cryptocurrency was withdrawn from one of Cuban’s MetaMask wallets.

Hacking and Suspicious Activity

Wazz, an independent blockchain researcher, detected suspicious behavior in Cuban’s wallets. Noticing that there had been no activity in one of Cuban’s wallets for about five months, Wazz reported that the hack occurred on September 15th.

“I logged into MetaMask for the first time in months, they must have been watching.”
Mark Cuban
$2 Million USDC Transfer

Despite losing a significant portion of his cryptocurrency assets, Cuban reportedly transferred the remaining assets to Coinbase Custody for added security. A $2 million USDC transaction was also part of this process.

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