Astar Network Announces Polygon-Supported Astar ZkEVM Network

Astar Network is launching a new Layer 2 solution, Astar zkEVM, in collaboration with Polygon Labs, focused on Ethereum scaling solutions. This partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology, particularly in the entertainment and gaming sectors in Japan.

Layer 1 smart contract platform Astar Network has announced its Ethereum Layer 2 solution, Astar zkEVM, in collaboration with Ethereum scaling developer Polygon Labs.

A New Chapter in Ethereum Scaling: Astar zkEVM

Astar Network supports Ethereum, Polkadot, and Cosmos ecosystems as a Layer 1 platform. The company has announced its partnership with Polygon Labs to launch the new Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, Astar zkEVM. Astar will use Polygon CDK (Chain Development Kit) for the purpose of constructing Layer 2 chains that operate with zero knowledge for Ethereum.

Astar is not the first third-party zkEVM supported by Polygon; Polygon Labs recently contributed to the development of individual zkEVM chains for Immutable, IDEX, and Palm Network.

Accelerating Blockchain Adoption in Japan

The collaboration between Astar and Polygon aims to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in Japan, specifically in the entertainment and gaming sectors. Astar stated that this partnership will facilitate the entry of projects that can be applied in high-efficiency use cases into the market.

Polygon’s co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, said, “As it stands today, Asia is one of the most forward-thinking regions in the world when it comes to Web3 adoption. Together, we believe there is a strong demand for transparency for trustless applications that blockchains can bring to Japan.”

zkEVM provides a scalable solution compatible with Ethereum. This allows developers to use the same code as Ethereum and integrate existing tools and infrastructure. ZK-rollups will allow for faster and cheaper transactions while maintaining Ethereum’s security.

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