FTX Conducted Meetings with Over 75 Bidders for the Relaunch of the Exchange

According to court documents, FTX reached out to more than 75 potential bidders to initiate FTX 2.0.

According to Fortune Crypto’s report, FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange that filed for bankruptcy, has, according to court documents, been in contact with more than 75 potential bidders since May 2023 for the relaunch of the exchange. Furthermore, the deadline for the final bid for FTX 2.0 has been set for September 24.

Proposals for Recapitalization Processes May Have Been Submitted

It appears that approximately 75 potential bidders have been in touch with the company for the FTX 2.0 project. These bidders may have submitted various proposals for ownership of FTX.com or FTX US, merger, or recapitalization processes.

Uncertainty Regarding Which Offer Will Be Accepted

However, it is still unclear which offer will be accepted or what course of action will be taken until the transaction date set for September 24.

We will have to wait until September 24 for further developments, but we will continue to closely monitor the news regarding FTX’s future.

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