Brian Armstrong: Candidates’ Stance on Crypto Could Affect US Elections

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong shared his thoughts on the impact of cryptocurrencies on the financial system, the importance of the new stablecoin type flat coins, and what role cryptocurrency policies may play in the 2024 US Presidential Elections.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently spoke in an interview about the future of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Armstrong emphasized the transformative capacity of cryptocurrencies in the financial system while stating that stablecoins could serve as a critical starting point for realizing this vision.

Armstrong Also Addresses the U.S. Presidential Elections

Armstrong noted that American voters are increasingly paying attention to policies regarding cryptocurrencies. He stressed that candidates’ stances on this issue could influence voter decisions and even alter election outcomes. He posed the question, “Will you continue with existing policies that are unnecessarily hostile, or will you allow this technology to flourish and ensure America’s leadership as a technology hub?”

A New Type of Stablecoin: Flat Coins

According to Armstrong, stablecoins are a crucial starting point aligned with this new vision. He also mentioned that the early development stages of a new type of stablecoin, “flat coins,” are underway. These flat coins would operate based on purchasing power or inflation rates. Armstrong said that Coinbase is planning to work on this new type of stablecoin, although he has not yet revealed any details.

These remarks indicate how critical cryptocurrencies and stablecoins are, both for the global financial system and the upcoming U.S. elections. Armstrong’s assessments could serve as an important guide for politicians and investors alike.

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