Crypto Exchange Binance Takes Art to Formula 1 with Pierre Gasly’s Helmet Design Contest

The event initiated by Binance through Pierre Gasly’s helmet design competition represents a convergence of art, sports, and the crypto world. The artwork that will feature on Gasly’s helmet brings together both the crypto and motorsports communities, offering a fresh experience.

Cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance has announced the winner of a new art competition that will feature on the helmet of successful Alpine Formula One driver Pierre Gasly. This colorful event, set to take place during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on November 26, 2023, brings together the communities of crypto and motorsports.

Helmet Design Contest

Binance, a leading figure in the world of cryptocurrency, has made the decision to host a special helmet design competition for Pierre Gasly. This competition represents a fusion of art and motorsports. The chosen artwork will become the design for Gasly’s helmet during the race on November 26th. Pierre Gasly, who showcased his talents by winning the 2020 Italian Grand Prix, stands out as a prominent name.

Gasly views this collaboration with Binance as an “opportunity to engage creatively and innovatively with the F1 and crypto communities.” Participants are not required to be Binance users, which means Formula 1 fans who do not own cryptocurrencies can also participate in the competition. The deadline for submitting helmet designs has been set for September 8th, with the winning design set to be announced on September 15th.

Gasly’s Helmet Design

Binance anticipates designs from participants that reflect Gasly’s personality and racing spirit. Helmet designs that embody his values and innovative character also have the potential to captivate the motorsports community and claim the grand prize.

“I’m eagerly awaiting the winning design; this design will showcase the innovative spirit we share in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race.”

Pierre Gasly

The winner of the design competition will also be the owner of a replica helmet signed by Pierre Gasly himself. Through partnerships like these, Binance is not only expanding its impact within Formula 1 but is also enhancing its engagement with a broader fan base by collaborating with influential celebrities.

Collaborations with Celebrities and Binance

Despite facing stringent regulatory challenges, Binance maintains a pioneering role among cryptocurrency exchanges. Going beyond the realm of crypto, the exchange aims to reach diverse audiences by collaborating with celebrities. This strategy has a broad-reaching impact, catering not only to crypto investors but also to fans across different domains.

For example, on August 21st, Binance unveiled a partnership with The Weeknd. This partnership will facilitate a Web3-supported concert tour, offering new interaction opportunities to fans. Various tokens, such as Moment NFTs and Tour NFTs, will be made available to fans in Australia. Binance has also committed to donating $2 million to The Weeknd’s XO Humanitarian Fund.

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