LeverFi Partners with Microsoft on an AI-Supported DeFi Solutions

Microsoft and LeverFi announced Morpheus, an AI-integrated solution focused on on-chain portfolio monitoring, in response to the challenges faced by the DeFi sector.

The opportunities offered by Decentralized Finance (DeFi) are as compelling as the challenges it presents. The obstacles in the path of financial reform are prompting tech giants and innovative startups to take action and devise solutions. In this context, LeverFi announced its partnership with tech giant Microsoft to launch A.I.-supported DeFi solutions into the market.

”We are excited to share that LeverFi is working with Microsoft to launch and develop A.I. decentralized finance solutions that reduce user complexity and monitor on-chain portfolios. This will be done using the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, which is the market leading service for rapid machine learning and large data analytics.”

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Seeking Solutions to Current Challenges in DeFi

Recent events have highlighted significant vulnerabilities in the DeFi sector. According to a report by Peckshield, multiple security breaches resulted in a loss of $480 million in the first half of 2023. Additionally, lending platforms displayed weak risk management strategies, especially being overly exposed to CRV concentration risks. Complicating these issues are manual execution processes that require users to manually avoid liquidations and MEV slippages.

The culmination of these challenges has resulted in diminishing trust among current DeFi users and continues to serve as the primary deterrent for potential newcomers.

LeverFi’s Innovative Solution: Morpheus

Aiming to address these prevalent issues and simplify the user experience, LeverFi announced a partnership with tech giant Microsoft. Together, they aim to launch and develop A.I. integrated Decentralized Finance solutions. Leveraging Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI Service, known for its rapid machine learning and extensive data analytics capabilities, they intend to reduce user complexity and meticulously monitor on-chain portfolios.

LeverFi’s solution, Morpheus, embodies the spirit of this collaboration. It hopes to assist users in avoiding the common pitfalls they frequently encounter, while also discovering the genuine advantages and potential they can achieve with DeFi.

Morpheus is equipped with two distinct A.I. engines. The protocol engine constantly scans and tracks to be the first to respond and protect users in the event of security breaches or protocol risks. For the user engine, Morpheus keeps an eye on portfolio positions and is poised to be the first to react when market conditions deteriorate, aiming to shield users from loss scenarios. The synergy of these two A.I. engines will assist users in navigating DeFi with enhanced control and confidence.

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