Google’s Computing Cloud Service, Google Cloud, Will Run a Validator on the Celo Network

Google Cloud is taking a significant step in the blockchain space by running a validator on the Celo network. Joining forces with other contributors like Deutsche Telekom, this collaboration emphasizes Google’s commitment to blockchain technology.

In a significant move towards technological collaboration, Google Cloud is set to run a validator on the Celo network. The cloud service now joins Deutsche Telekom and other ecosystem contributors to participate in validating the Celo platform.

Google Cloud’s role

The Celo Foundation announced that Google’s computing cloud service, Google Cloud, will actively participate in the network, joining hands with existing ecosystem contributors. As a validator, Google Cloud’s role will involve verifying new transactions and aiding in maintaining blockchain security.

This initiative is not the first collaboration between Google Cloud and Celo, as per Coindesk. The tech giant has previously partnered with Celo to provide workshops and cloud computing services to developers and Web3 founders working on the network, strengthening their long-standing relationship.

Migrating to Ethereum Layer 2: A Strategic Move

Recently, the Celo network accepted a proposal to migrate from its independent blockchain to an Ethereum layer-2 solution. This strategic move aims to facilitate liquidity sharing between the two networks and enhance security measures.

Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine will be instrumental in this migration, as noted in a press release. “In order to streamline and accelerate the proposed transition to the Ethereum ecosystem, cLabs will leverage Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine, a fully managed node-hosting service,” the statement read.

Facilitating Smooth Node Operations

The Blockchain Node Engine will not just support Celo’s transition but also simplify node operations for the network’s participants. By relaying transactions and not waiting for nodes to sync, the engine will align Celo 2.0 with the Ethereum network more efficiently.

With the assistance of Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine, Celo’s migration to an Ethereum layer 2 becomes more streamlined and agile. This collaboration is set to shape the future of blockchain technology, promising exciting developments ahead.

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