Lido Finance Proposes Collaboration with Mantle for DeFi Expansion

Lido Finance proposes a DeFi expansion with Mantle, aiming to create a sustainable LST ecosystem and a unique revenue-sharing model, potentially reshaping the DeFi landscape.

Lido Finance, known for its decentralized liquid staking protocol, has proposed a strategic collaboration with Layer 2 project, Mantle. The new proposal by DeFi expansionist Seraphim Czecker aims to expand the DeFi ecosystem while securing user assets.

Proposal Highlights and Objectives

Lido Finance is known for its decentralized liquid staking protocol, designed to help users earn rewards from staking Ethereum while retaining liquidity via its token, stETH. The platform emphasizes the security of staked assets through regular security audits and a robust infrastructure. Furthermore, its Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governance model democratizes decision-making, enhancing its appeal to users.

The proposal urges Mantle to allocate 40,000 Ether ($72 million) from BitDAO’s treasury to Lido’s liquid staking platform. This aims to bootstrap a sustainable LST ecosystem on Mantle L2 and bring major DeFi protocols to this Layer 2 platform.

A novel part of the proposal is a first-of-its-kind revenue-sharing agreement between BitDAO and Lido DAO for 12 months. Further, it suggests using the allocated stETH to boost liquidity across various DEXes, fostering a consistent trading flow.

stETH: A Valuable Asset

Lido’s stETH represents a liquid tokenized claim on staked Ethereum. The smart contracts that power this functionality have undergone rigorous audits, which underscore their robustness.

The utility of stETH is substantial due to its widespread integration across the DeFi space. It allows holders to earn staking rewards while participating in other DeFi activities, thereby enhancing its utility. Moreover, its integration with leading DeFi protocols like Curve, 1inch, and Aave attests to stETH’s broad acceptability and usage.

In addition, stETH offers high liquidity, making it a market leader. With billions of USD worth of stETH staked across multiple DEXes and ecosystems, the risk of inadequate liquidity is substantially minimized.

The Potential Impact of the Proposal

This proposal shows Mantle’s potential as a valuable Layer 2 within the DeFi ecosystem. It could foster broader integration efforts between the two DAOs, significantly enhancing Mantle’s appeal to DeFi users. This collaboration could potentially reshape the DeFi landscape, offering commercial benefits and user asset security.

The proposal could act as a catalyst for broader integration efforts between the two DAOs, significantly bolstering Mantle’s appeal to the DeFi user base. Only time will tell how this proposed collaboration will reshape the DeFi landscape.

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