US Secret Service to Hold an AMA on How to Protect From Crypto Attacks on Reddit Platform Today

AMA session will start at 21:00 according to Turkish Time, and it will provide information on how the cryptocurrency community should protect themselves from the attacks of criminals.

The U.S. Secret Service and REACT Task Force will be hosting an AMA event today on the Reddit platform at the San Francisco Field Office. They will provide information and education on crypto crimes. The AMA session will start at 21:00 according to Turkish Time and will focus on how the cryptocurrency community can protect themselves from attacks by criminals.

“Our specialized team based in San Francisco is dedicated to the protection of cryptocurrencies and their users. Comprised of Special Agents and Analysts, this team is eager to share their work on cryptocurrencies, which are considered the currency of the future, with the crypto community. They are looking forward to providing resources and education to help you keep your funds secure. Additionally, they are excited to learn new information from you as well.”
US Secret Service
What is the REACT Task Force?

This team focuses on investigating high-tech crimes. They work towards disrupting criminal networks, identifying new threats, and providing assistance in cases that require specialized expertise. In the past 12 months, they have aided in the recovery of millions of dollars stolen in cryptocurrency theft cases known as the “Piggy Bank Heist.”

The image below showcases just a few of the cases this team has solved in recent times.

The purpose of this AMA session is to share resources and tips on how potential victims can protect themselves from cryptocurrency scammers.

Reddit users were encouraged to submit questions without hesitation, but initially, users suspected that the AMA was organized by fake accounts. However, the Secret Service later sent a photo confirming that they were genuine accounts.

Additionally, they stated that they would do their best to answer as many questions as possible.

Furthermore, they mentioned that they will be hiring 450 individuals in the field of cryptocurrency or cybersecurity within this year, and they shared the following link for applications.

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