Avax Price Technical Analysis 02.05.2027

Avax is closely monitored by investors ahead of the Summit taking place between May 3-5. Significant announcements made during this event are expected to positively impact the price.

Looking at the current view, the initial support zone in the horizontal range of $16.30 – $16.05 has not been lost. If this level is maintained, the target will be the resistance zone of $18.50.

If the support zone is lost, I expect a correction down to the $15.40 levels, where I indicated the open liquidities on the chart. If the liquidities in this area are cleared, the first support area is the gray box I marked at the $15.05 level. Our current initial support zone is $16.33 – $16.05, while the initial resistance can be monitored at $18.50 levels.

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