Combo Network Testnet Guide

Let’s examine the Binance Labs invested Combo Network testnet transactions

What is Combo Network?

COMBO Network is a leading provider of scaling solutions for Web3 game development. Their open-source, decentralized, game-focused Layer2 technology efficiently, cost-effectively, and securely unites game developers with the entire COMBO ecosystem.

As the first game-focused Optimistic Rollup on the BNB Chain, COMBO offers a Web3 game-focused L2 scaling solution that meets all players’ needs, including a wallet.

COMBO Network Testnet Operations

  • ✅ Add Network.

▶️ Go to and add the BNB Test network.

▶️ Visit and obtain Test BNB from the faucet.

▶️ To complete this guide, we will need to pay fees on the BSC Mainnet network for two transactions (maximum $1).

✅ Bridge

▶️ Go to and type some BNB and click the deposit button.

  • ✅ NFT

▶️ go to the address and add the BNB Mainnet network.

▶️ go to the address and make twitter-telegram-discord verifications.

▶️ Let’s mint the NFT Mint button when it arrives.

  • ✅ NFT Bridge

▶️ Go to the address and connect the metamask wallet.
▶️ Click on the ‘Import NFT’ button. Then click on the ‘Confirm Import’ button.

▶️ Select a Combo Network from the networks.

▶️Click on the ‘Approve button and then click on the ‘Transfer’ button.

▶️ Then let’s click on the claim button and add the Combo testnet network and confirm the transaction.
▶️ That’s all the transactions.

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