EtherMail Airdrop Guide

EtherMail is an email service that sets the standard for anonymous and encrypted communication from wallet to wallet, redefining email for Web3.

What is EtherMail?

EtherMail is a Web3 email that redefines the standard for encrypted and anonymous communication between wallets.

Identity Theft Attacks

Old email services use outdated email transfer protocols that make it easy for hackers to launch cyber-attacks through emails.

Spam by Marketers

Most users’ inboxes are flooded with thousands of unread emails, with little or no incentive to read them.

Privacy Concerns

In exchange for the free email service provided, old email providers scan the content of our emails to feed data to ad machines. New data privacy laws were designed to address long-standing unwanted marketing access issues, but they leave room for new advertising paradigms.


In Web3, anonymous communication between users and businesses is almost impossible with traditional solutions and often relies on Telegram groups.

No Decentralized Email Standards in Web3

Currently, sending/receiving emails between dApps and traditional emails is very difficult. Wallet addresses don’t receive automatic alerts from any Web3 activity.

EtherMail Airdrop Steps

➡️ Go to website.

➡️ Click on the “Sign up for free” button.

➡️ Connect your Metamask wallet and sign the transaction.

➡️ Click on the “Thor Protocol Activated” button and confirm.

➡️ You have earned 250 Emc (there may be a slight delay due to congestion).

➡️ When the #EMC token is released, it will automatically convert to #EMT.

➡️ You can earn 250 EMC for each new registered account by sharing with your friends

➡️ When you send emails to different email accounts, you can earn 1 #emc per email.

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