LayerZero Airdrop Guide

LayerZero is an interoperability protocol designed to create cross-chain bridges between different blockchain networks. The protocol aims to facilitate interaction between blockchains and speed up and streamline the process of transactions between them. LayerZero is also the developer of a multi-chain bridge called Stargate.

What is LayerZero?

LayerZero is an open-source protocol designed to solve scalability issues in blockchain technology. LayerZero is specifically designed for applications that require large transaction volumes and high transaction speeds in blockchain.

By introducing a new blockchain architecture, LayerZero improves the scalability of blockchain applications and enables fast and efficient execution of smart contracts. Additionally, LayerZero provides the necessary tools and services for the development and deployment of blockchain applications.

Notable features of LayerZero include the use of a custom blockchain architecture to increase transaction volume, reducing transaction fees, faster block confirmation times, more efficient execution of smart contracts, and increasing the scalability of applications using the LayerZero protocol.

As an open-source project, developers can contribute to the project and help the development of the LayerZero network.

What is an Airdrop?

Airdrops are usually announced in advance and can be claimed through various methods such as downloading a specific wallet, registering on a website, or completing a survey. While airdrops can be a way for users to receive free tokens or coins, they can also be risky due to fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency industry. Therefore, it is important to conduct thorough research and only interact with legitimate projects and official channels before participating in any airdrops.

LayerZero Airdrop Steps

⚠️ Disclaimer: This guide involves making transactions on various networks and paying fees.

✅ Let’s Buy and Stake STG

➡️ To pay low fees, let’s buy #STG on the Arbitrum Network through SushiSwap.

➡️ Go to and connect your Metamask wallet to the Arbitrum Network. Then, buy #STG.

➡️ Go to and stake at least 25 #STG (it is recommended to stake 100 #STG).

➡️ Staking #STG will give us voting power.

➡️Please go to and stake any coins from your wallet in a pool.

  • ✅ Let’s subscribe to StarGate Dao and vote

➡️ Go to and subscribe to the Dao.

➡️ Check the site once a week and participate in the voting.

  • ✅ Let’s install Aptos Wallet

➡️ Since we will generally be making bridge transactions in LayerZero, we will need different wallets.

➡️ Let’s install the Pontem wallet on the Aptos network. You can install it from here.

  • ✅ StarGate Bridge

➡️ Go to

➡️ Send Usdc from the Bnb network to the Arbitrum network. You can make a bridge from one network to another depending on the coins in your wallet.

➡️ Let’s repeat this process weekly or monthly to create volume.

  • ✅ LiquidSwap Bridge

➡️ Let’s go to and create a cross-chain bridge. (I sent Usdc from Arbitrum to Aptos network.)

  • ✅ Aptos Bridge

➡️ Let’s go to and create a bridge from the Aptos network to the Arbitrum network.

  • ✅ Bitcoin Bridge

➡️ Let’s buy Btc.d. Go to and connect our wallet on the Avax network. Let’s buy Btc.d.

➡️ Go to and send the Btc.d token we bought to the Aptos network and withdraw it.

  • ✅ Harmony Bridge

➡️ Let’s go to and use the bridge function to transfer coins we have in our wallet to other networks. (To pay fees on the Harmony network, we need to have the #One coin, the native token of the Harmony network. You can send it from Binance.)

  • ✅ Pancakeswap Bridge

➡️ Let’s go to and transfer USDC or ETH from the Aptos network to other networks and then withdraw it back.

  • ✅ Holograph NFT Mint

➡️ Let’s go to and create a collection.

➡️ Then, upload a photo and mint it (I used the Matic network, but you can use any available network).

➡️ We can send the minted NFT to other networks and perform cross-chain transfers.

➡️ That’s it for the transactions. Our goal in all these transactions is to interact with LayerZero.

⚠️ All of the post above includes informational knowledge, none of the above includes any financial advice and should only be taken as an educational content. Ninja News cannot be held responsible for any vulnerabilities and exposures outside of this site, always be careful before connecting your wallet. All information above is gathered from various sources from airdrop educational contents and does not guarantee any airdrop from the companies written above. Please beware of risks and always make sure to be safe..

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