Here are the Steps to Follow for a Potential Airdrop on the Zetachain Testnet

ZetaChain is the world’s first and only public blockchain that connects all other blockchains together.

What is ZetaChain?

Cryptocurrency is currently in a separate and isolated state. ZetaChain believes that crypto should be easy, secure, and accessible for everyone, just like the internet. You don’t have to know how it works to use it and benefit from it.

Applications built on ZetaChain provide simple, seamless, and secure access to all cryptocurrencies as if they were all in one place by connecting to everything in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. ZetaChain is the world’s first and only public blockchain that connects all other blockchains together.

Additionally, it has recently gained attention by announcing a partnership with Ankr. It was listed on Coinmarketcap before even releasing its token and has reached 500k followers. ZetaChain’s testnet is currently live. Let’s join in!

What is an Airdrop?

Airdrops are usually announced in advance and can be claimed through various methods such as downloading a specific wallet, registering on a website, or completing a survey. While airdrops can be a way for users to receive free tokens or coins, they can also be risky due to fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency industry. Therefore, it is important to conduct thorough research and only interact with legitimate projects and official channels before participating in any airdrops.

Zetachain Airdrop Steps

  • ⚡️Let’s earn 5000 Zeta Points.

➡️ Go to

➡️ Verify with Twitter and give authorization.

➡️ Connect your Metamask wallet and switch to Goerli testnet.

➡️ You have earned 5000 Zeta points👌.

  • ⚡️Let’s earn 5000 Zeta Points.

➡️ Go to and request Geth.

➡️ Go to

➡️ Choose Goerli/Geth as the target network and Zeta as the currency.

➡️ Confirm the transaction.

➡️ You have earned 7000 Zeta points👌.

☣️ Remember to perform this transaction every 7 days to earn 7000 Zeta points. Do not neglect it.

  • ⚡️ OAT Nft Claim

➡️ After a few swaps, you can claim your reward.

➡️ Go to and Nft claim.

  • ⚡️ Let’s complete Crew3 tasks.

➡️ Let’s go to the address and complete the tasks. Crew3 link.

➡️ A project that we need to follow closely and complete tasks.

⚠️ All of the post above includes informational knowledge, none of the above includes any financial advice and should only be taken as an educational content. Ninja News cannot be held responsible for any vulnerabilities and exposures outside of this site, always be careful before connecting your wallet. All information above is gathered from various sources from airdrop educational contents and does not guarantee any airdrop from the companies written above. Please beware of risks and always make sure to be safe.

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