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“All rights to the Ninjanews.io website NINJA NFT L.L.C (“NinjaNews”), and NinjaNews website can be accessed from the URL www.ninjanews.io (“Website”). These Terms of Use set the terms for users’ access to and use of our Website.

Individuals and organizations that visit, use, access, comment on, or interact with any information, images, videos, pictures, photographs, etc. on our website (“User”) are deemed to have read and fully understood all of these Terms of Use. By accepting these terms, the User unconditionally agrees and approves of all the issues stated on this page, and declares and commits not to raise any objections or disputes regarding these issues.

NinjaNews’ changes and updates to these conditions are deemed to be valid from the moment they are published on our Website. For this reason, we recommend that users review these Terms of Use and consider any changes and/or corrections before each visit to our Website.

1. The User will provide accurate, truthful and complete information when requested by NinjaNews for any information regarding the use of our Website; In the event that these Terms of Use are amended, it accepts, declares and undertakes that it will act in accordance with the necessary changes.

2. The User states that he/she will use our Website in accordance with all applicable legislation, the rules regarding internet use, these Terms of Use and also the Privacy Policy, and that he/she will use the services on our Website, including accessing all kinds of content on our Website. and accepts, declares and undertakes that the legal and criminal responsibility belongs to him in all actions he will take through our website and in all transactions he makes through our website, and that he is individually responsible to NinjaNews as well as official institutions, organizations, and third parties.

3. NinjaNews and/or all subsidiaries and affiliates, NinjaNews employees and managers of which NinjaNews is a direct and/or indirect shareholder, are not liable in any way for the damages incurred by the User while using or accessing our Website. Interruption of operation, deletion, loss, delay of operation or communication, computer virus, communication error, system error; Failure to access our Website; NinjaNews assumes no responsibility for theft, destruction or unauthorized entry, alteration or use of records.

4. The User is prohibited from sharing any content on our Website that constitutes a crime, encourages the violation of laws or international agreements, is illegal, threatening, disturbing, insulting, profane, humiliating, slanderous, vulgar, pornographic, contrary to public morals or generally accepted rules, damages the personal or commercial reputation of NinjaNews or third parties, violates personal rights or infringes on the privacy, intellectual property, copyright, trademark rights, or other rights of others. In addition, the User cannot take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure of our Website, contains a virus or other harmful element, or impairs security. The User is solely responsible for any financial, legal, penal, and administrative consequences arising from such content and unlawful use.

5. The User declares and undertakes that they will not engage in any form of advertising and promotion, including commercial mobile and interactive applications, directly or indirectly on our website.

6. The User shall not use the content and data that he/she watches, obtains, or downloads on our Website for other than individual purposes, not to trade, to transfer to third parties, not to use by stocking/archiving and not to make them available to third parties; In summary, he accepts and undertakes that he will not use it outside the conditions and permission set on the site.

7. The user agrees not to access or use the private and confidential programs, files, information or areas with similar content of other users and members without permission. Otherwise, any legal and penal responsibility that may arise from them belongs to him.

8. NinjaNews reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to publish or to remove any content shared by the User on our Website, without giving any reason, and to block the User’s access to our Website and/or terminate their right to use the site as deemed appropriate. NinjaNews also reserves the right to permanently or temporarily suspend or cancel the services and materials provided, without giving any reason, at any time. The User acknowledges and agrees that NinjaNews may take any measures it deems necessary in these circumstances.

9. Hyperlinks may be provided through our website by giving links to websites, applications, content and/or files owned or operated by third parties and not controlled by NinjaNews. These links are provided for ease of reference only and do not aim to support the linked website, its content or the person who operates it. NinjaNews has no commitment, warranty, legal and/or legal responsibility regarding the products, services and/or websites accessed through the links in our Website, the services offered through the website accessed through these links, the products and their content. or has no criminal liability. The owners of the websites in question are solely responsible for the content of the pages on the websites linked through our website via hyperlinks, the products sold on these pages, and the delivery of the orders to be placed here.

10. While using the services on our website, the user can only upload text, comments, messages, images, videos, and other similar content, all of which belong to them. Any ideas or thoughts shared by the user are their own personal opinion and only bind themselves. The user agrees not to use any intellectual or artistic products, trademarks, works, and/or rights of third parties, and not to violate the rights of third parties in any way.

11. NinjaNews legally owns our Website and all content. The use and accessibility of our Website and/or content by the User within the conditions to be provided by NinjaNews do not grant the User any intellectual and industrial property rights and/or any right of ownership or disposition.

12. The use of all kinds of intellectual and artistic products, brands, content, information and materials on our website is subject to the permission of NinjaNews within the framework of the relevant legislation, especially the provisions of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846. The user may not use any intellectual and artistic product, brand, any information and material of any nature that are protected under Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the Industrial Property Law No. 6769 and the relevant legislation, without the express written permission of NinjaNews. cannot use. Without the express written consent of NinjaNews or the rightful third parties, nothing in the content of this Website is provided to the User; NinjaNews does not grant any right or license to use trademarks, distinctive names and marks, logos and designs, and similar intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties. All kinds of news, content, information and other materials on our website can only be used with the express written permission of NinjaNews and under the terms and conditions permitted by NinjaNews, they cannot be given to third parties and organizations without the prior express written permission of NinjaNews, may not be reproduced, uploaded to another computer, posted, presented or published. All or part of the content on our website can not be used in any other medium without reference and written permission from NinjaNews. User; It accepts, declares and undertakes to comply with and not violate the provisions of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846, Industrial Property Law, Turkish Commercial Code, Turkish Penal Code and other legislation. Otherwise, NinjaNews reserves the right of recourse to the User for any compensation and/or administrative/judicial fines that NinjaNews has/will have to pay to public institutions and/or third parties.

13. The User agrees that by using our Website, they will not take any action against other users, members, or third parties. NinjaNews shall have no direct or indirect legal or penal liability for any damages incurred or to be incurred by third parties due to the User’s activities in violation of the legislation, these Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy. In the event that the User causes any damage to NinjaNews and/or third parties by violating the commitment in this article, the User will be solely responsible for any legal or penalty fees and any material or moral damages. The party will be responsible for any costs that NinjaNews may be required to pay to third parties. The User agrees to indemnify NinjaNews immediately and in full at the first request, without requiring a court decision. The comments and recommendations on our website are of a general nature and may not be appropriate for the User’s financial situation and risk and return preferences. Therefore, making an investment decision based solely on the information contained herein may not lead to the desired results. NinjaNews cannot be held responsible for any damages, including any costs that NinjaNews may be required to pay to third parties, resulting from errors and omissions in this publication and in the sources used in this publication.

14. Turkish Law will be applied in the interpretation and implementation of these Terms of Use and in the resolution of disputes that may arise between the User and NinjaNews, and Istanbul Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise from these Terms of Use.