Dominating the Market: Mad Lads Collection Surpasses Its Competitors

The demand for Solana NFTs continues to rise. Mad Lads NFT collection, which announced launched a centralized exchange called Backpack earlier this month, has surged to 129 Sol with the highest NFT sales volume in the last 24 hours.

The Solana-based Mad Lads NFT collection was the collection with the highest NFT sales volume in the last 24 hours. Mad Lads, which has increased in value by over 100% in the past week, has a standout performance among Solana NFT projects.

Mad Lads Swiftly Reached 129 $SOL in a Short Period

Launched earlier this year on the Solana blockchain, the Mad Lads project has gained momentum alongside the increasing base price of Solana-based NFTs. The collection also surpassed the base price of DeGods, a project that once dominated Solana before transitioning to Ethereum.

Starting at an initial price of 6.9 SOL (140$) when minted, Mad Lads has seen a remarkable increase, reaching 7,200$ at the current moment, with a base price of 129 $SOL.

Mad Lads’ founders recently established a centralized exchange (CEX) called Backpack by obtaining a VARA license based in Dubai. This development caused the demand for Mad Lads NFTs to increase rapidly, reaching today’s price of 129 Sol.

Backpack and Mad Lads Airdrop

The founders of Backpack provided an exclusive early access opportunity in conjunction with the launch of the new CEX platform, Backpack. While offering special advantages to NFT holders, the founders of Backpack also extended support through a $pyth airdrop, distributing an average of $34 worth of 75 $pyth to those who staked 5 $SOL. Additionally, Mad Lads’ owners received further support through a $1000 airdrop.

Another Increase in Volume: Tensorians, Among Solana NFTs, Witnessed Growth

The Solana NFT ecosystem continues to gain value, thanks to the successful performance of Mad Lads. The high sales volume of the collection indicates an increasing demand for NFT projects on the Solana blockchain.

Solana-based “TENSORIANS” surpassed the NFT sales volume of the Bored Ape Yacht Club in the last 24 hours.

The price of Solana ($SOL) is also on the rise, currently trading at $57.98.

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