İş Bankası Opens Entrepreneurship Branch and Nays Space on GoArt Metaverse Platform

Türkiye İş Bankası announced the launch of its Entrepreneurship Branch and Nays Space on the GoArt Metaverse Platform.

With the Entrepreneurship Branch and Nays Area, users will be able to have live conversations with avatars of real bank representatives on specific days and times of the week. The goal is to transfer the face-to-face consultation experience to the digital world by offering exclusive banking products and services through the metaverse.

Chance to Win NFTs in the Fun Nays Area

Designed to merge entertainment with gain, the Nays Area offers brand-new financial advantages. With the “play to earn” and “move to earn” features, users have the chance to win NFTs containing discount codes.

Additionally, with the augmented reality (AR) technology offered in “play to earn”, users can collect tokens at Burger King branches and win NFTs that offer discounted menus.

With these features, İş Bankası aims to both provide banking services tailored for entrepreneurs and enrich the customer experience with entertaining financial opportunities.”

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