Artificial Intelligence Has Started to Scare Working People

Recently, the rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies has increased people’s concerns about losing their jobs, and many people have started to fear that AI technologies can take their jobs away.

Recently, the rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies has increased people’s concerns about losing their jobs, and many people have started to fear that AI technologies can take their jobs away.

Artificial intelligence technologies are being used to improve productivity in many sectors, and some tasks can be performed by AI systems instead of humans.

However, the use of artificial intelligence technologies does not necessarily lead to people losing their jobs by automating tasks. On the contrary, it can lead to more efficient operations for businesses and create new job opportunities. For example, people with programming skills are required to manage an AI system, which can create new job opportunities.

Nevertheless, due to recent developments and innovations, the situation is not promising for working people.

Kuwait’s New Face of Screen, Fedha, Became an Artificial Intelligence

Burgan Bank, a Kuwait-based bank, has decided to use artificial intelligence technology to provide a more interactive experience with its customers. The bank introduced its AI assistant, Fedha – designed to understand customers’ needs, answer their questions, and provide information about banking services.

Fedha can respond to customers’ queries about their bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial products. It also provides instructions to help customers carry out their banking transactions and provides information about different banking services.

Burgan Bank CEO Eduardo Eguren said Fedha would help further enhance the customer experience and lead the bank’s digital transformation. Eguren also highlighted the potential of AI technology in the banking sector, stating that it facilitates customers’ access to banking services and can provide faster solutions.

Following this news, some news agencies noted that the availability of the AI assistant could contribute to the development of companies. This has caused a stressful situation among company employees.

The number of companies using artificial intelligence in different sectors, including digital media companies and news agencies, has increased significantly and continues to grow.

The New York Police Department has Started Using Boston Dynamics Robot Dogs

The New York Police Department has entered an era where robot dogs accompany law enforcement officials, in addition to police officers. The robot dogs developed by Boston Dynamics are used in the department’s special operations unit.

The robot dogs help police officers explore the environment before entering dangerous areas and obtain information beforehand. Additionally, robot dogs can be used in search and rescue operations, bomb disposal operations, and emergencies.

Furthermore, robot dogs can have many advantages. They can enter places that a human cannot, move faster, and be safer. Additionally, the cost of robot dogs is lower than that of a real dog, and their maintenance is easier.

However, some critics express concerns that robot dogs can disturb people and infringe on privacy rights. Additionally, the use of robot dogs may lead to the development of technology that can replace humans.

However, New York Police Department officials stated that robot dogs would not replace humans and would only be used to facilitate the work of law enforcement officials. They also emphasized that the use of robot dogs would be within the legal framework and respect for privacy rights.

New Technology Kitchen Robots

In recent years, the development of artificial intelligence and robotics technologies has led to notable innovations in the food and beverage industry. Sally, a salad preparation robot, and Moley, a cooking robot, developed by Chowbotics, are examples of these innovations.

Sally is a robot that can make 1000 different salads with 21 different ingredients. It can also prepare salads with less than seven ingredients in less than 60 seconds.

Moley, on the other hand, is a robot that can mimic the movements of a real chef. Equipped with a double robotic arm, kitchen equipment, cupboards, pans, sensors, a camera, and a computer system, Moley can cook food and then complete the cooking process by cleaning up the environment.

However, there are concerns about the use of both robots. For example, it is thought that these robots could take away people’s jobs or even cause job loss in the food industry.

As a result, artificial intelligence is now being used in many professions, which can put working people in a stressful situation. According to some experts, this stressful situation could negatively affect the loyalty and productivity of employees to their work.

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