What is Ondo Finance? What is ONDO Coin?

Ondo Coin (ONDO) is a cryptocurrency that was released on January 18, 2024 as an ERC-20 standard token on the Ethereum blockchain, used for various transactions on the Ondo Finance platform and increasing in value.

Ondo Finance is a US-based provider of tokenized securities. It was founded in 2021 by Nathan Allman. The company aims to facilitate access to investors by tokenizing traditional financial assets with blockchain technology.

Ondo Finance currently offers USDY, a tokenized bond backed by US Treasury bonds and bank deposits. It also plans to tokenize other asset classes such as US corporate bonds and real estate investment funds (REITs).

Ondo Finance argues that tokenized securities hold a large portion of the global market share and provide investors with access to high quality US assets.

What is Ondo Coin?

Ondo Coin (ONDO) is the native cryptocurrency of Ondo Finance and is minted as an ERC-20 standard token on the Ethereum blockchain. ONDO Coin can be used for various transactions on the platform, such as buying and selling tokenized assets, paying platform fees, and participating in Ondo Finance governance. The coin was launched on January 18, 2024 and has gained significant value since then. Currently, ONDO Coin is actively traded on many cryptocurrency exchanges.


OUSG, OMMF and USDY are three different tokenized assets offered by Ondo Finance. All of them are minted as tokens of the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used for various transactions on the Ondo Finance platform.

OUSG: A tokenized fund product backed by US Treasury bonds. It offers investors an easy and accessible way to invest in US Treasury bonds.

OMMF: A tokenized fund product backed by US money market funds. It offers investors an easy and accessible way to invest in US money market funds.

USDY: A stablecoin backed by short-term US government bonds and bank demand deposits. It offers investors an asset pegged to the US dollar, providing a hedge against cryptocurrency market volatility.

All of the above coins are offered on the Ondo Finance platform; investors can buy, sell and stake these tokens directly from the Ondo Finance platform. Furthermore, these tokens can be used to pay Ondo Finance platform fees, making transactions on the platform cheaper and more efficient. At the same time, these tokens can be used to participate in Ondo Finance governance, allowing investors to vote on the future of the platform and influence its development.

Access to traditional financial assets gives cryptocurrency investors an easy and accessible way to invest in traditional financial assets such as US Treasury bonds, money market funds and the US dollar. It also provides greater diversification, helping investors diversify their portfolios and reduce their risk. Finally, it offers greater earning potential, giving investors the opportunity to earn higher returns than traditional financial assets.

Where to Buy ONDO Coin?

Ondo Coin can be bought on centralized exchanges or decentralized exchanges. To buy Ondo Coin, you can get it on the ByBit exchange with a 40% commission discount.

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