$BONK Coin Boosts Solana Phone Sales: What are the Reasons Behind Its Popularity?

The price of Bonk coin is increasing rapidly. With the airdrop given to users who own the phone, there was intense interest in Solana’s Saga phone sales.

BONK Coin is a meme token created on the Solana blockchain network. This dog-themed meme has become one of the most sought-after coins on the network recently, thanks to Solana’s high transaction speed and low-cost advantages.

In December 2022, $BONK distributed 25 billion BONK airdrops to developers within the Solana ecosystem. At that time, this amount was worth approximately 880 USD.

Coinbase exchange also recently listed Bonk. The value of the coin has continued to increase since then.

Solana’s Saga Phone Sells Out in the USA!

The surge in the value of BONK Coin has directly impacted the sales of the Saga phone. The distribution of a 30 million BONK token airdrop to Saga phone owners also contributed to the increase in sales.

During this period, the value of the BONK airdrop given to Saga owners reached $877, causing phone sales to skyrocket. According to official statements, Solana’s Saga phone has completely sold out in the USA and is available in limited quantities in Europe. Due to the high demand, the company had to limit new orders to one phone per household.

The Saga is a blockchain-based smartphone developed by Solana. This phone allows users to securely store their crypto assets in the device’s hardware. It also stands out for its high technical specifications.

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