Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin Investments Reached $2 Billion Unrealized Profit

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin investments resulted in unrealized gains of over $2 billion as Bitcoin surpassed $42,000. The company has been diversifying its portfolio with Bitcoin since August 2020.

While the digital asset company MicroStrategy continues its Bitcoin acquisitions, the profit it gained after Bitcoin surpassed $42,000 exceeded $2 billion. The company began purchasing Bitcoin in August 2020 under the leadership of current CEO Michael Saylor.

As of November 30th, the company added 16,130 Bitcoins, bringing its total portfolio to 174,530 Bitcoins. With this latest acquisition, MicroStrategy disclosed an average cost of $5.28 billion with a Bitcoin average of $30,252.

When the price of Bitcoin reached $42,000 around noon today, the value of MicroStrategy’s digital asset portfolio roughly increased to $7.3 billion, and the profit from the company’s Bitcoin investments was calculated at $2 billion.

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