The US Government Owns over 5 Billion Dollars in Bitcoin Assets

According to The Wall Street Journal, the US government has amassed a Bitcoin fortune worth 5 billion dollars through cyber crime interventions and significant operations like Silk Road. This vast wealth is overseen by the US Department of Justice and other federal agencies.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s research, the US federal government holds Bitcoin assets valued at 5 billion dollars, associated with combating cyber crime and dark web activities. This wealth places the United States among the world’s largest Bitcoin holders.

Where Did This Wealth Come From?

High-yield operations, such as the intervention in the Bitfinex cyber attack and the famous online drug marketplace Silk Road initiated by Ross Ulbricht that was shut down in 2013, allowed the government’s Bitcoin wallet to be filled. Additionally, since then, Bitcoin’s value has significantly increased.

This Bitcoin reserve, claimed to be over 5 billion dollars, is under the control of the US Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and other federal institutions.

The Debate Over the Exact Amount

According to some analyses, the US government currently owns 194,188 BTC valued at 5.3 billion dollars. However, these figures are based only on publicly available information. Other analysts note that these figures might only be the tip of the iceberg, suggesting that the actual number could be much higher.

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