Hong Kong Police Warn About Scam Targeting Binance Users

Reports of crypto scams continue to emerge from Hong Kong. Following an identity theft attack that resulted in 11 more people being defrauded, Hong Kong police have issued a warning to the public to remain cautious.

In the past two weeks, it has been revealed that 11 Binance customers based in Hong Kong fell victim to phishing scams. Scammers sent fake messages to these customers, convincing them to click on links in the messages, ultimately leading to the theft of all their assets.

Personal Data Compromised

These messages often claimed there was a critical issue with the users’ Binance accounts or that their accounts were not secure, directing them to click on a link or share personal information.

$446,000 Worth of Cryptocurrency Stolen

Unfortunately, some users believed these fake messages and either clicked on the links or shared their personal information. Subsequently, the hackers who stole this personal information gained full access to their Binance accounts, resulting in the theft of approximately $446,000 worth of assets from 11 Binance users.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has also issued a warning to be cautious of scammers.

Source: Cointelegraph

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