Binance Announces Copy Trading Feature

Offering a significant advantage especially for beginners, the copy trading system will also allow leading investors to share their trading knowledge and earn additional income. Binance announced that they provide this service only in selected markets, in compliance with regulations.

Binance has launched a copy trading feature for futures markets. This feature allows investors of all levels, including beginners, to easily follow and implement the strategies of experienced and “pioneer” traders.

Copy trading offers a significant opportunity for investors who are unsure of how to navigate the cryptocurrency markets due to a lack of experience. Binance stated in their announcement that it aims to reduce entry barriers in this sector and took action to enable users to mimic the trading strategies of professional investors.

”Users from select markets can activate copy trading on their Binance account with a simple click. Users’ copy trading accounts are separate from their futures accounts so users can manage both trading clearly and efficiently.”


How Will the Feature Work?

Traders will be able to earn a certain profit share from their transactions using this feature. Moreover, through the Binance Feed platform, they can share their trading strategies and techniques, interacting with other users. This feature is also becoming a crucial educational resource for beginners.

Every registered user on Binance can trade either as a leading trader (whose trades will be copied) or as a copy trader. Copy traders can replicate the trades of the leading traders, benefiting from their successful strategies. Additionally, copy traders have the liberty to set their risk preferences when making trades.

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