SIM Card Scam Targeting Users: 234 Ethereum Stolen

In recent days, SIM card scammers have targeted users. Security firms are advising users to remove their phone numbers from their accounts.

In recent days, there has been a rapid surge in SIM swapping scams. Scammers, using leaked mobile phone numbers, gain easy access to users’ accounts and steal their cryptocurrency assets.

234 Ethereum Stolen in 1 Day

ZachXBT reported that a scammer managed to steal 234 ETH (approximately $382,000) by changing the SIM cards of four different users within the last 24 hours.

Four Users Had 109 Ethereum Stolen

Furthermore, on October 4th, it was reported that four more users had their accounts emptied due to SIM swapping and phishing attacks, resulting in a total of approximately 109 Ethereum (around $178,000) being stolen.

Finally, based on information obtained after analyzing the movements of the stolen cryptocurrency assets on the blockchain, it is believed that the same hacker was responsible for emptying the accounts of all four victims.

Source: Cointelegraph

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