Avalanche-Based Stars Arena Faces Critical Vulnerability: Users in Risk of Losing Funds

Analyst with the username lilitch.eth has announced that Stars Arena is facing a serious security vulnerability. It is also mentioned that there is a risk of users losing their funds.

One of the most popular platforms of recent times, the Avalanche-based social protocol Stars Arena, has been revealed to be facing a critical security vulnerability that could potentially allow the theft of user funds worth 1.1 million dollars.

According to an analyst named lilitch.eth, the security vulnerability may have initially arisen due to a faulty getPrice() function within the contract.

This vulnerability could also potentially allow hackers to empty the contract by calling the smart contract and transferring the funds to their wallets.

They point out that due to the high transaction fees on the Avalanche network, it doesn’t make sense for hackers to steal funds. However, this still does not completely eliminate the risk of users losing their funds.

Source: The Block

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