Bankrupt Haru Invest Announces Its Assets Distribution Plan to Creditors

Haru Invest CEO Hugo Lee has announced that the affected users will recover their assets equally, without giving priority to creditors in South Korea.

South Korean crypto yield platform Haru Invest, after announcing its bankruptcy, presented a plan for affected users to recover their assets. However, it did not provide a specific date for when they could retrieve them.

Hugo Lee, CEO of Haru Invest, revealed during a Q&A session today that the company would carry out the asset recovery and distribution in a phased manner.

“At Haru Invest, we will distribute the recovered assets gradually. This will be done in several rounds and shared fairly among all investors.”
Hugo Lee

These statements also indicate that the bankruptcy process of Haru Invest is still ongoing, and some transactions need to be completed for the assets to be repaid. Unfortunately, there was no specific timeline provided for this process.

No Priority for Creditors in South Korea

Furthermore, Hugo Lee assured that instead of giving priority to creditors in South Korea, all investors would recover their funds through a fair distribution regime.

Lastly, Haru Invest had claimed 9.8 million crypto gains payments and a total of $2.27 billion in transactions for over 80,000 members. Therefore, many investors continue to await the safe return of their funds.

Source: Cointelegraph

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