Huobi Exchange’s Hot Wallet Reportedly Hacked

Cybersecurity observer Cyvers Alerts claimed that one of the hot wallets belonging to Huobi was hacked, resulting in a loss of $7.9 million.

According to a statement from Cyvers Alerts’ X account, one of the exchange’s hot wallets was attacked, and it was indicated that 5,000 Ethereum might have been stolen. The current value of this amount is approximately $7.9 million.

There has not been an official statement from Huobi on how such a significant amount was stolen from their hot wallets. However, based on the information provided by Cyvers Alerts, there might be a serious security vulnerability behind this incident.

Cyvers Alerts commented on the matter, saying: “Red code! We detected a suspicious transaction. Despite our efforts to reach out, we haven’t received any response from Huobi. However, we can confirm that the attacker took 5,000 ETH (approximately valued at $7.9 million) from Huobi Global’s hot wallet.”

The address of the attacker was shared on Etherscan as ‘0xdb1D74467c9042517A354304256E0d658D8AEC83‘. Transactions and movements made through this address are tracked.

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