DeFi Platform Balancer Hacked

Ethereum-based DeFi platform Balancer has become the target of a new cyber attack. The platform was the victim of a hack attack worth a total of 900 thousand dollars in August. The platform warned its users not to interact after the incident and is investigating the details of the attack.

Ethereum-based DeFi platform Balancer was recently the target of a cyber attack. Following the incident, platform officials warned users about their activities on the website.

Balancer has strongly advised users not to interact with the platform until further notice for their safety. The developers of the platform continue to work to quickly solve this problem and take the necessary measures.

There is no official statement yet on whether user funds are safe or not. However, Cosme Fulanito, a well-known name in the Balancer community, stated that Balancer’s funds are “100% good.”

Some blockchain security experts, such as PeckShield and blockchain analyst ZachXBT, estimate that at least $238,000 in cryptocurrency was lost as a result of the attack.

According to the latest information, Balancer posted a post about 1 hour ago informing its users about the hack attack that occurred at night.

Balancer was also attacked in August, and it was determined that $900 thousand of funds were stolen due to a security vulnerability.

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