Google Cloud Announces New Partnership: Cross-Chain Verification Service

Google Cloud has added another partnership in the blockchain and crypto space. As of today, the company has launched a secure and efficient cross-chain verifier with LayerZero.

Google Cloud Continues Relationship with the Blockchain World

In recent months, Google Cloud has announced partnerships with various crypto projects. Most recently, the cloud computing service revealed a partnership with LayerZero. However, this partnership goes beyond a mere business agreement and offers a secure messaging infrastructure between blockchains.

Google Cloud Oracle: Secure and Efficient Verification

After more than a year of joint work, Google Cloud and LayerZero have launched Google Cloud Oracle for LayerZero applications. Designed specifically for cross-chain message and data verification, Google Cloud Oracle will be available for use by LayerZero starting September 19.

Oracle’s functionality means that every message sent within LayerZero will be verified by default through a trusted infrastructure automatically. This direct verification will also give users greater assurance concerning the security of their messaging.

The Importance of Google Cloud Oracle: ‘HTTPS for Blockchain’

Google Cloud Oracle will function as the “HTTPS of the blockchain world” for secure cross-chain messaging. Similar to how we use HTTPS certificates to verify the validity of a website on the web, LayerZero will now have a similar security and verification mechanism.

This will not only elevate the security standards of applications but also facilitate more seamless and trustworthy communication across the blockchain ecosystem.

How to Use It?

If users want to start using Google Cloud Oracle immediately, they can update the Oracle address in their application settings to Google Cloud Oracle. This small change is expected to bring about a significant increase in security.

This new partnership between Google Cloud and LayerZero could greatly alleviate users’ security concerns while offering a more reliable, efficient, and fast cross-chain messaging capability.

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