The US Secret Service Turned Out to Have an NFT Collection

The Secret Service stated that they have solved 17 crypto-related incidents in the last 9 months and emphasized that law enforcement has equally powerful tools to track cryptocurrencies as traditional finance.

The San Francisco Field Office of the US Secret Service, in collaboration with the Gulf Region Regional Execution Ally Computer Team, held a two-hour question-and-answer session with users on the Reddit platform yesterday. Secret Service officials discussed how victims of crypto crimes can work with law enforcement.

“Blockchain provides us with a great opportunity to track the flow of money.”
REACT task force

Secret Service agents discussed their efforts to solve crypto crimes and mentioned their involvement in fraud schemes known as “piggybacking.” They also provided information about their NFT collection and the best ways to keep these transactions confidential.

Secret service solved 17 crypto cases!

The Secret Service’s REACT task force operates as a dedicated unit focused on combating crypto crimes and returning stolen funds to victims. They stated that they have solved 17 crypto-related incidents in the last 9 months and emphasized that law enforcement possesses tools as powerful as those used in traditional finance to track cryptocurrencies.

The Secret Service also highlighted the importance of finding victims on platforms like Reddit. They specifically mentioned identifying a victim who had posted about a scam on Reddit but hadn’t reported it through official channels. They reached out to the victim through Reddit to encourage them to report the incident through proper channels, thereby enabling the victim to potentially recover their money.

The Secret Service has a collection of NFTs

During the same session, it was revealed that the Secret Service has an NFT collection. A Reddit user asked if the Secret Service could track privacy-focused Monero transactions, and the Secret Service responded affirmatively, stating that they can track such transactions. Another user inquired whether the Secret Service is considering issuing a token or meme coin, to which the Secret Service introduced their NFT collection created last year.

In conclusion, the Reddit session hosted by the US Secret Service proved to be informative and engaging, focusing on the prevention of crypto crimes and assistance to victims. They emphasized the significant opportunity that blockchain provides for tracking financial crimes and highlighted platforms like Reddit as important resources for identifying and assisting victims.

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