Nike’s Innovative “Creation” NFT Collection

Nike pioneers a new approach to digital collectibles with the release of their innovative “Creation” Collection, capturing the essence of their famous Air Force 1 sneaker.

In a repeating pattern, famous brands provide loyal consumers with digital collectibles while avoiding words like NFTs. They are now referred to as “collectibles” or, in the case of Nike, a “creation.”

The shoe and clothing behemoth has announced the release of its “first digital-creation collection“. Nike had introduced a blockchain-powered platform, late last year. Customers can purchase digital representations of virtual shoe boxes for $19.82, according to Nike. Each of these boxes will eventually provide access to numerous digital renditions of Nike’s iconic Air Force 1 footwear, which first debuted in 1982.

This shift away from cryptocurrency jargon such as NFTs or blockchain echoes similar campaigns initiated by The Rolling Stones and Fox Entertainment. The move to distance from industry-specific terminology could be a response to the ongoing crypto controversies or an effort to popularize the technology through the use of a common language.

It Can Generate More Than $6 Million in Revenue

Nike stated that every one of its more than 330,000. Swoosh members would be able to purchase one of the digital boxes. Nike could collect more than $6.5 million in income if it sells at least one package to each of its members.

This is not Nike’s first internet venture. RTFKT, the company’s digital fashion and collectibles division, introduced NFT sneakers late last year.

The Air Force 1 boxes will be available beginning April 18 and may be purchased through Nike’s digital marketplace.

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