MetaMask Adds EIP-4361 Compatibility: Revolutionizing Online Authentication with “Sign In with Ethereum”

Supported Websites Offer Enhanced Security with Popup Verification for Users Through Decentralized Authentication.

Leading Ethereum wallet, MetaMask, has announced its support for Ethereum Improvement Proposal 4361 (EIP-4361), also known as “Sign In with Ethereum.” This revolutionary online authentication system provides users with a secure, convenient, and decentralized way to verify their identity on websites and decentralized applications.

MetaMask’s addition of EIP-4361 compatibility streamlines the user experience by enabling individuals to access various platforms and services with a single decentralized identity. As Web3 adoption continues to grow, this new authentication method is expected to play a significant role in increasing user trust and security online.

Users of wallet projects such as MetaMask can sign a standard message format to log in to websites using EIP-4361 implementation. To defend against unauthorized access from dangerous sites, supported websites will give users with a pop-up to check data such as the website name, session details, and security methods such as a nonce, as well as verify the right domain name. This provides a self-custodial alternative to centralized identity providers like email addresses and phone numbers. 

Developers can also benefit from the adoption of EIP-4361 by incorporating a more secure and user-friendly login system for their platforms. As more individuals turn to decentralized solutions for managing their digital identities, platforms that adopt “Sign In with Ethereum” are likely to see increased user engagement and satisfaction.

Metamask announced the feature with a tweet and added “This is part of our ongoing effort to make confirmations more legible to our community. Our implementation also offers a ‘domain binding’ feature, which detects signatures/approvals from malicious URLs,”

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