GoArt Metaverse Is Coming To Redefine Virtual Experiences

GoArt Metaverse redefines virtual experiences, combining time-travel-themed exploration, brand immersion, and income generation. It promises future expansion with user-generated content and an evolved economic model.

What is Turkey’s Metaverse GoArt?

GoArt is a mobile Web3 metaverse platform with a time travel theme that allows users to
earn as they move through different periods using Move-to-Earn mechanics.

GoArt Metaverse consists of three different time zones. Users can explore various maps by passing through past, present, and future time portals, spending time in immersive virtual spaces, and generating income through engaging game mechanics while socializing with other users.

GoArt Metaverse Time Zones:

Past Time Portals: Currently, there are 7 historical Past Time Portals in GoArt Metaverse.
These are Taksim Ayapaşa Boulevard, Elazığ Castle, Elazığ Belek Gazı Monument, Taksim
Artillery Barracks Training Ground, Taksim Ottoman Tradesmen and Market Area, Elazığ
Harput Government Building, and Elazığ Cimşit Bath portals.

Present Time Portals: Currently, there are 6 Present Time Portals in GoArt Metaverse.
Users can:

● Score penalties in the mini penalty area of the TFF Shoulder to Shoulder portal and
contribute to the recovery of earthquake victims’ wounds. In addition, users can
participate in raffles for unique rewards with the points they accumulate during this
process. Also, they can visit the Football History Museum in this immersive portal;
and pay tribute in front of the monument designed for those who lost their lives during
the earthquakes.

● Visit the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Communication portal and browse
through the Presidency’s work and news, and spend time in the activity area.

● Get information about banking transactions from the Halkbank portal, which also is
Turkey’s Metaverse Bank branch.

● Explore and support the works of young and emerging artists in the Trendyol Art
Gallery portal, and purchase physical copies of the artworks.

● Get introduced to the brand culture of Kiğılı and Damat|Tween and explore their

Future Time Portals: There are ongoing developments regarding the Future Time Portals,
but no specific information is available at the moment.

What can users do in these areas?

Users can socialize while exploring the digital recreations of the famous historical sites mentioned above in the past time portals and collect various user incentives, including MTE tokens, promo codes, and in-game items. In the present time portals, users can immerse themselves in the cultures of brands, share the brand’s future vision in addition to the incentives, and collect brand loyalty points. With the brand loyalty points they collect, they can reveal the accumulated promo codes and take advantage of various discounts and opportunities.

Additionally, if they choose the augmented reality discovery option they can have a more immersive exploration by projecting these historical virtual spaces onto the real world and collect in-game MTE tokens by physically moving.

In-Game Economy

Users can currently collect in-game MTE tokens by passing through portals and converting them into $MATIC coins in the swap tab, transferring them to their linked ERC20 wallets, and earning income. They can also list and sell their owned NFTs on secondary marketplaces.

In the future, GoArt Metaverse, which has announced that it will launch its own token, plans to transition to a new economic model. In addition to on-chain assets and tokens of different projects can be integrated into the platform, and new monetization mechanisms can emerge.

What User Generated Content (UGC) is available in GoArt

Currently, there are no user-created items or spaces in GoArt Metaverse, but there are
ongoing developments for an editor where many UGCs will be introduced.

What is On-Chain?

GoArt Keys NFT collection, which offers many in-game and out-of-game utilities, and the
Epic Keys collection, which offers special WL rights, are available. Users who hold GoArt
Key NFTs in their wallets have various privileges, such as access to exclusive portals and
events, creating private chat rooms, and earning WL for future collections. With future
developments, we might expect additional use cases.

Also, the promo codes that users can collect in brand portals are revealed randomly using Chainlink VRF to ensure equal conditions for everyone. At the same time, GoArt uses
Chainlink’s VRF for the raffles they conduct.

Plus, The rewards distributed through the Shoulder to Shoulder campaign are deployed as Soulbound Tokens. This way, users who win not only have rewards physically but also are the true owners of these non-transferable items. In the future, GoArt plans to launch its own token and new NFT series.

Treasure Hunt Activities

GoArt Metaverse has started organizing location-based activities to fully leverage the potential of GoArt’s AR mechanics. With this, users can physically visit the marked locations, complete various tasks, and earn income. The first event took place during Paris Blockchain Week, in Paris, and the second one was carried out in various locations in Turkey in correlation with the TFF Shoulder to Shoulder campaign.

Users monetized their time spent in the application by collecting PBW promotion codes in Paris and TFF Shoulder to Shoulder balls scattered around Turkey.

Exploring Time and Earning Rewards: A Journey Through Turkey’s GoArt Metaverse

As a groundbreaking time-travel-themed mobile Web3 metaverse platform, Turkey’s GoArt has redefined the realm of virtual experiences. With its extensive array of past, present, and future time portals, it not only promotes historical exploration and brand immersion but also fosters income generation through its intricate Move-to-Earn game mechanics. Users are engaged through diverse incentives, including MTE tokens, brand loyalty points, and promo codes.

Further, the inclusion of Chainlink’s VRF and on-chain Soulbound tokens ensure a fair and secure digital experience. While the GoArt Metaverse currently does not offer user-created content, future developments look promising. The metaverse is set to expand its economic model, on-chain assets, and user-generated content. GoArt represents the intersection of history, present commerce, and future possibilities, making it a front-runner in the innovative world of metaverse platforms.

GoArt Metaverse’s all official social channels can be reached via this link.

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