Bitcoin CME Futures Price Technical Analysis 22.03.2023

Bitcoin CME Futures may be gearing up for an exhilarating ride as it aims to fill the gaps on the chart. The recent price spike towards the $28,000 level has revealed gaps below the current price, including at lower levels. With the chart indicating the need to fill gaps above the price as well, the potential for a thrilling rollercoaster ride is on the horizon. As Bitcoin continues its ascent, the anticipation of a wild ride in the cryptocurrency market is palpable.

When examining the Bitcoin CME Futures chart, I have highlighted the gaps, or “GAPs,” on the graph.

The recent price increase filled the GAP at the $27,430-$28,740 level, but a new GAP has emerged at the $27,320-$27,080 level during this rise.

Since Bitcoin tends to target these GAP gaps, we may see a slight pullback for liquidity accumulation and to fill the GAP at the $27,000 level.

If Bitcoin surpasses the critical resistance level I indicated on the chart, which is $29,000, it may aim to fill the gap at $34,455-$35,180.

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